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Allergy Solutions
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Solution to allergic problem is combination of followings or one of them:
1. Avoidance
2. Pharmacotherapy (Medicines)
3. Anti IgE
4. ASIT (AllergyVaccines) Allergy Specific Immuno Therapy

For Avoidance, ASIT we must know the “Trigger Allergen” means allergen which is responsible for this process of allergy in body. To know this “ALLERGY TEST” is ONLY solution.

By ALLERGY TEST either SPT (Skin Prick Test) or Serum Allergy Test is only way to know it. So getting tested is best way.

How Can I get My Allergy Test Done?
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Kindly get the Blood sample Aprox 8-10ml and separate serum from it in pathology lab or hospital.

Transfer it to Vaccutainer (Plastic Tube available at Pathology Labs) and send it to us by courier at room temperature to our address.

Do not forget to SMS us your Courier Details and Docket Number so we can track your sample as well.

Let us know about Disease by Filling History Form like :

Do you have Nasal Allergy, Asthma, Hives, Eye Allergy, Cough. If yes How long.

Does it affect you throughout the year or in specific season (Viz: Winter, Rains, Summer).

You can Deposit Allergy Testing Charges in any branch of AXIS BANK across India. Account number can be sent to you on your mobile number. For patients living Not in India can ask for details by Email.

For any help regarding this Call us on 08889777077 (10am-6pm) from Monday-Saturday or email us on

or Visit website for more details

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You need to do simply:
  • Fill the online form
  • Choose the panel
  • Collect the 8-10 ml serum
  • Send it to us by courier. Or deposit it at the nearest collection center.
  • We will send you report by Email or Hard copy by courier.
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The MOST ACCURATE, PROVEN, APROVED and with Highest Specificity and Sensitivity is “Immunocap” method. (“Immunocap is trade mark of Phadia”)
At “” we perform on Immunocap method which is most accreditated and approved by US-FDA.
Once the Allergen (The Trigger) which is causing Allergy is known, the Patient can be totally treated for allergy by giving Allergy shots called “allergy vaccines”, ‘Immunotherapy” or “ALLERGY SPECIFIC IMMUNOTHERAPY” (ASIT).

Facility of Diagnosis and Treating are available at our centre by Qualified Allergist.

Download Disease History Form

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