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Allergen is a fine particle in air which is trigger for allergy in body, or it is the basic cause of trigger of problem, hence it is very important to know that patient is allergic to which allergen (particle). These inhalant particles are of the size of 2-5Micron (10-6 M= 1 micron), and usually are made of protein. Once we know allergen either we can AVOID if it is avoidable (viz: Foods) or if it is a air particle (Viz: Pollen, Mite, Fungal Spore, Insect droppings or Danders) it can not be practically avoidable. In such cases ASIT (Allergy Specific Immuno Therapy or Vaccines) are highly beneficial. These vaccines are made on Allergy Test (SPT) which has its own issues and

Allergy Test
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SPT: Skin Prick Test : is the oldest method and it can be done on skin with minimal pain.
Pros: Fast, Economical, Gold Standard.
Cons: Painful, Can have false positive results

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Blood Allergy Test:
It is either done by RAST / CALRA / ELISA
Pros: High false positive result
Most accurate form is Immunoflorocence (Immunocap)
Pros: Highly sensitive, Highly specific, Recommended by US FDA, Accurate, No Pain, Patient need not to come for test; hence can be done remotely, Gold standard
Cons: Costly.

Allergy Panel
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It is very important to choose allergy panel to reduce cost and time. Brodly it is devoided between: Perineal & Seosanal. History of exposure to animal fur, Carpets, Grain dust help much to choose Serum Allergy Test.

Asthma & Rhinitis Adult Panel: It includes
Molds / Fungie
Dust Mites
Epithelia /Dander
Insect droppings

Asthma & Rhinitis Infant & Children Panel: It includes:
Dust Mites

Atopic Dermatitis & Urticaria Panel: It includes:
Pollens like Common Ragweed / Parthonium
Dust Mites

Individual Allergens

Gluten allergy

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Solution to allergic problem is combination of followings or one of them:
1. Avoidance
2. Pharmacotherapy (Medicines)
3. Anti IgE
4. ASIT (AllergyVaccines) Allergy Specific Immuno Therapy

For Avoidance, ASIT we must know the “Trigger Allergen” means allergen which is responsible for this process of allergy in body. To know this “ALLERGY TEST” is ONLY solution.

By ALLERGY TEST either SPT (Skin Prick Test) or Serum Allergy Test is only way to know it. So getting tested is best way.

How Can I get My Allergy Test Done?
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Decide which kind of test you want to get done. Like Skin Prick Test or Blood Allergy Test. If you get blood Allergy Test then you need to deposit 5 ml of serum for test with a small form having history of disease.

Let us know about your diagnosis and history of allergy suffering(Viz: Perinial or seasonal). Drop in at any collection center with 3-5ml serum.

If you want to get Skin Prick test, stop anti allergic, Steroids, Cough Syrups etc atleast 2 days before. Come to us between 10am-6pm on all working days.

You need to do simply:
  • Fill the online form
  • Choose the panel
  • Collect the 5cc sample
  • Send it to us by courier. Or deposit with nearest collection
  • We will send you report by Email or Hard copy by courier.
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The MOST ACCURATE, PROVEN, APROVED and with Highest Specificity and Sensitivity is “Immunocap” method. (“Immunocap is trade mark of Phadia”)
At “” we perform on Immunocap method which is most accreditated and approved by US-FDA.
Once the Allergen (The Trigger) which is causing Allergy is known, the Patient can be totally treated for allergy by giving Allergy shots called “allergy vaccines”, ‘Immunotherapy” or “ALLERGY SPECIFIC IMMUNOTHERAPY” (ASIT).

Facility of Diagnosis and Treating are available at our centre by Qualified Allergist.

Types of Allergy known

  • Food Allergy

    food allergy, drug allergy, nose itching

    Allergies caused by food items. Symptoms range from Diarrhoea, Vomiting,Abdominal,Nausea.

  • Latex Allergy

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    Latex allergies are most common in people who have regular exposure to latex products.Common symptoms are skin rashes.

  • Mold Allergy

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    Many people allergic to mold develop symptoms outdoors on days when mold spores are in the air. You may also have symptoms indoors if mold is in your home, school or workplace.

  • Pet Allergy

    allergy from pat animal, dog, cat, pairot, banny, fish, horsh, cow

    Seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) is most often caused by pollen.
    Perennial allergic rhinitis is triggered by common indoor allergens.
    Sinusitis (Rhinosinusitis).
    People with allergic rhinitis or asthma are more likely to suffer from chronic rhinosinusitus (sinusitis).

  • Skin Allergy

    skin allergy, skin allergy test, allergy test, blood allergy , blood test

    When there is a skin rash, swollen or itchy skin due to allergies

  • Stinging Insect Allergy

    stinging insect allergy, insect allergy, insect bite

    Most of us develop redness and swelling at the site of an insect bite. Yet people with an insect allergy are at risk for a much more serious reaction even anaphylaxis is (a life threatening condition).

  • Allergic conjunctivitis

    Allergic conjunctivitis, allergy from eyes, eyes allergy, red eyes, itching eyes, water eyes

    The eyes become red & watery due to Allergy

  • Asthma

    asthma, dama, dma, asthma attack, heart attack, asthma from allergy, skin allergy

    “Asthma Profile with Allergy Testing”
    Here patient goes through complete work up and he/she need not to think again for any more investigations. Affordable, accurate diagnosis of reasons of trigger of asthma is captured and corrected by our unique management.

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