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        The Medical Centre is
       ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • It is governed by well known allergist of International repute.
  • We are India based center for Allergy Testing.
       Our experience in allergy test is of 22 yrs.
  • We are known for QUALITY TESTING.
  • We have >500 allergens which can be tested immediately,
        while rest odd allergens even can be tested on prior information.
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    How can I get my Allergy Test ?  Download Disease History Form Know about Dr.S.Z.Jafrey           E - consultation                          
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      Do you know? Is it allergy. Around 30% of the world population suffers from some or other type of allergy. Only 5% of the people understand what they are allergic to. 25%of people do not even know what is it exactly which is causing trouble to them.

      In order to help these 25% of people around the world, renowned Allergist Dr.S.Z.Jafrey has set up this website .Dr Jafrey with his team has taken pledge to fight against this world epidemic of “ALLERGY”

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      Types of Allergy  Allergic Rhinitis
       Allergic Sinusitis
       Allergic Asthma Children
       Allergic Asthma Adult
       Allergic Conjunctivitis
       Allergic Dermatitis
       Eczema
       Urticaria
       Hives
       Food Allergy
       Drug Allergy
       Food Intolerance
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      Allergy Test & Treatment Dr.Jafrey has set up most advanced.”Allergy Testing Machine”as per US FDA Norms & Helping his patient know what they are allergic to & how to fight with these allergies.

      Dr.Jafrey is a renowned name in the field of “Allergy Medicine” since last 22 years. He has been trained in USA, UK & Australia. He has his own dedicated centre with the name “INDORE CHEST & ALLERGY CETNRE” thousands of patients are living a happy life with Dr.Jafrey’s treatment today.

      Know more about Allergy Testing
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    Methods of Doing Test:-

    Oldest method is Skin Prick Test. It is now a days done by Modified Prick Test. It is cheap but has lot of accuracy problems. Results may vary from kit to kit and patients to patients. It is PAINFULL. Only can be done on adults. It may cause adverse side effect like vasovagal shock to severe anaphylaxis , which may turn into hospitalization.

    ELISA is developed by many of them but has higher false positive results.

    “Immunocap” is a patented technology, where accuracy and specificity is more than 90%. It is GLOBALLY No1 Test. More than 80% allergy test is done on this technique. This is US FDA Approved and No 1 in QUALITY.

    Here clinician has to choose the allergens out of list, which he wants to get tested or he feels they may be responsible.

    A clinician or allergist can also choose from ready allergen panels available on site or at Centre. Here a group of allergens are kept together as per disease.

    Allergens are geographically specific.

    Following things are needed along with blood (Serum) sample to choose the proper allergen by our experts:-

    Occupation & Exposure
    Perineal or Seasonal*
    (*Seasonal are: Summer, Winter, Rains, Spring or can be expressed in months( eg: Feb-April & Sept-October)

    Symptoms of Different Diseases:-

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